Youth Programs in Ephrata

Youth Programs in Ephrata

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Vitality Kids’ Program

At Vitality Athletics, we are more than a gym. We include a platform for fitness with coaches who can help you achieve your fitness goals. Our audience is not limited to adults. Vitality Athletics offers a Kids’ program with a Three-Tiered Approach, including MOVEMENT, HEALTHY HABITS, and FUN! Movement is an integral part of heathy living but so is what we do outside of the gym and making sure you are enjoying yourself—those are key to coming back for more!


At the heart of our fitness programs for any age, movement is key! A healthy lifestyle starts with it. At Vitality Kids’ we bring this to life with a strength and conditioning programming that keeps our athletes moving in safe ways under constant supervision and instruction. Our Strength component builds muscles in growing bodies. Weights are an important part of this program, but our young athletes need to be able to move their bodies well before they add weight to those movements. Any other approach is inviting injury. Crawling is another key part of our fitness program that is often overlooked. Crawling builds core strength, teaches children to adapt and improve coordination, and builds total body strength. Not to mention it’s fun! Conditioning is vital to a healthy heart and to overall better health. All of these components require work, and work can be hard. Our approach with children recognizes this and provides a variety of movements that are meaningful and FUN!



No fitness program can thrive in the absence of education on healthy habits in and out of the gym. Our Kids’ program recognizes this and gives athletes a healthy dose of education on everything from nutrition to fitness goals and even mindset. We realize macros, micros, and counting calories may not be high on the list of a typical child. With that said, our delivery caters to the needs of young minds with meaningful education that they can apply to their lives with examples and language they can understand and relate to.



The component of our program that makes our young athletes want to return! The gym is a social place, and children are social people. Our programming makes a point of developing a platform that delivers on this. Children need to interact, move, and enjoy themselves. Our class is broken into several blocks designed to keep the children engaged and moving. We keep each block meaningful and deliberate with an attention to having a good time. Our program is not a social club, but making sure our kids are engaged with one another while enjoying themselves is an element we see as necessary to creating an environment our young athletes will look forward to coming back to each week!


About Coach Scott:

Scott Podgurski brings with him over 10 years of coaching in the fitness industry and another 20 years as an educator. Both will provide your children with the knowledge and environment they need to help them recognize fitness as an integral part of their lives. His coaching experience includes coaching junior high and high school cross country runners. Over the past decade, he has served as a coach in the functional fitness industry including the last 2 and ½ years at Vitality Athletics. These experiences have taught him that no sport should be trained in the absence of other components of fitness. Coach Scott’s experience as an educator has given him the tools to know how children learn. This includes assessing their needs and providing an avenue to address those areas.

Vitality Nutrition Coaching

8 Week Fundamentals of Nutrition Program

Do you know one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to healthy nutrition?
Not taking action! You want to do it. You are thinking about doing it. You are not sure if you are ready.
Taking no action leads to no change. Make nutrition a priority and take action today!

• Initial Intake/Consult with Goal setting, InBody scan, and Nutrition Guidelines
• Daily and Weekly accountability and support check-ins to assess progress
• Direct messaging with your coach through our MyCoach app!
• Access to the Vitality Nutrition FB Group - tips, info, Q&A, etc.

$200 for members, $350 for couples
$250 for non-members, $400 for couples

"A la Carte" Nutrition Services

* 30 min. consult, InBody scan, one-time macro prescription - $50

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Trusted and loved by hundreds of Ephrata Residents

Dimitri and Elena
We've been going to Vitality for almost 2 years now and it's impacted us in so many more ways than just losing weight. Getting stronger and strengthening the inner joints to make our bodies run smooth was the biggest thing. We gained so much knowledge on what strength training does and we are living examples of that. Being consistent and patient pays off!

The losing weight part came off slowly and steadily with consistency! We got our nutrition on track with coach Shannon and that was the next level of what we needed. We love going to the gym 5 days a week. It's become such a routine for us that when we miss a day, we truly miss moving and working our bodies. We are so thankful to Coach Tyler and all the other coaches that no matter where we were in our journey we were encouraged to keep going!

-Dimitri and Elena
I came to Vitality wanting help to get back on track regarding my fitness. Over my adult years, I had joined a few gyms and been in decent shape off and on by doing spin, running, yoga and other exercises. But as I got older, I needed something to challenge my body more than the cardio style exercises I had been doing previously. Vitality helped get me started with strength training, which I had never done consistently before. Within a few months of working out just 1-2 times per week and cleaning up my diet, I started seeing changes in my body composition. Then I was hooked. I joined full-time and really committed to challenging myself to see what my body could do. It's been over a year and I'm feeling stronger, more confident, and seeing muscles I've never seen before. The coaching and encouraging environment at Vitality has made all the difference. Because of Tyler's programing, I don't have to think about my workout routine, I can just show up and get it done. As a beginner, I really appreciated the support of all the coaches and now that I'm working toward new goals, they are there to help me continue making progress. Shannon, Tyler, and Amanda are always willing to listen and give guidance in nutrition and other health related topics- they are the best! My life and health have been greatly enriched by the Vitality community and I'm very grateful my friend invited me to give it a try.

- Liz
Body Transformation

Conveniently located in the Trout Run Business Center on North Reading Road (Hwy 272) in Ephrata.

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. Vitality Athletics is located and easily accessible from all of Ephrata.

350 N Reading Rd, Ephrata, PA 17522
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